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Revolution Z: Life After Capitalism

A weekly podcast, hosted by Michael Albert, addressing vision and strategy for a better future. It’s all about what we want and how we get it.

Michael is a co-founder and staff emeritus of Z and a co-creator of Participatory Economics.  A tireless activist since the 1960s, he organized protests in Boston against the Vietnam War while a student at MIT, and has since never ceased working towards a better world. He is the author of more than 20 books and countless essays. His most recent book is entitled,  No Bosses: A New Economy for a Better World (Zero Books). In addition to hosting Revolution Z, Michael is on the advisory board of Meta: Centre for Post Capitalist Civilization, a member of Real Utopia: Foundation for a Participatory Society, and is a ZFriend.

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ZStaff member, Gregory Wilpert‘s, interview series focused on current events in Latin America.

A five part series of video interviews with ZFriend, Noam Chomsky.

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Z Community Multimedia

ZFriend Jeremy Brecher hosts the series called Strike!: Commentaries for Solidarity & Survival via the Labor Network for Sustainability.

ZFriend Yanis Varoufakis joins renowned guests from the world of politics and the arts in this weekly podcast which accompanies the acclaimed new docuseries ‘In The Eye Of The Storm — The Political Odyssey Of Yanis Varoufakis‘.

The Black World Media Network (BWMN) is honored to present podcasts and regular commentaries from some of the Pan-African world’s sharpest and most insightful analysts and pundits, including Z Friends Bill Fletcher and Don Rojas.

Welcome to the Real Utopia Youtube channel, where you can find all kinds of materials pertaining to Participatory Theory, Vision and Strategy plus related background and complementary material.

What would an alternative to capitalism actually look like? In this podcast, participatory economics co-creator and economist, Robin Hahnel, is joined by fellow advocates Mitchell Szczepanczyk and Antti Jauhiainen to discuss questions and topics relating to a Participatory Economy, post-capitalism and how we can get there.


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