Online School

ZNetwork is in the process of developing and re-launching an online educational platform!

The School for Social and Cultural Change was co-founded by RevolutionZ podcast and PARCMedia. We look forward to continuing and expanding this work, focusing on interactive learning and skill building for activists and for anyone interested in organizing for social change.

Street art by Martin Whatson, Miami



SSCC is undergoing renovations. Subscribe & stay tuned for the re-launch…

Art by Sage Barnes

Recent course offerings:

  • Consequences of Capitalism with Noam Chomsky & Marv Waterstone
  • No Bosses: Life After Capitalism with Michael Albert
  • Revolt and Transcendence in Popular Music with Sandy Carter
  • Lay Down my Sword and Shield with Kathy Kelly
  • Logic for the Left with Ben Burgis
  • Societies Against the State with Andrej Grubacic
  • Writing for Social Change with Liza Featherstone
  • Race and Racialism with Mandisi Majavu
  • Encrypt by Any Means Necessary with Jon Uss
  • Radical Reading: Political Comic Books with Sean Michael Wilson
  • Activism and Social Change with Eugene Nulman
  • Introduction to Engaging Nonviolence with Nina Koevoets
  • US and British War Crimes and Propaganda with Rod Driver
  • Strategy for Societal Transformation with Michael Albert & Alexandria Shaner