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weownWe Own The World

Edited by Lydia Sargent

This Z Reader on Empire contains selected articles from Z Magazine from 1988 to 2012. The articles cover the many ways–and institutions–the U.S. uses to build, maintain, and expand its empire. These include genocide, intervention, occupation, structural adjustment, the media, the UN, NATO, drones, death squads, theft, appropriation of resources, “free trade,” violations of international law and the U.S. Constitution. EBook for Amazon, Kindle

377seconds237.7 Seconds

Edited by Lydia Sargent

This Z Reader on Patriarchy contains 28 essays by such writers as bell hooks, Sheila Rowbotham, Lydia Sargent, Ann Popkin, Lynne Segal, Sonia Shah, Midge Quandt, and many others. These essays, written between 1988 and 2012, all appeared either in Z Magazine, Z Papers, ZNet, transcribed from Z Video Productions, or as a course handout for Z Media Institute. While they mainly cover the women’s movement in the U.S., they also cover issues affecting women in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Part one defines women’s efforts toward revolution and details the importance of understanding the meaning of the “personal is political”. Part two looks at feminist politics after the 1960s. Part Three looks at global issues. Part Four focuses on alternatives. EBook for Amazon, Kindle


The Fanfare Series

The three Fanfare volumes have authors from the U.S., Great Britain, South Africa, and Spain who have worked together to accessibly and succinctly provide tools useful to those working to win new societies throughout the world. Fanfare embodies the politics and hopes of Z and we urge all Z users to give it serious consideration.
Free online book: Fanfare for The Future

fanfaretheoryVolume 1: Occupy Theory

by Michael Albert & Mandisi Majavu

Occupy Theory develops a shared set of accessible concepts for conceiving what people want for society and developing a strategy for getting it. Occupy Theory argues that current society threatens human existence and stifles human fulfillment and development. It locates and investigates the causes of social problems in the structure of economy, kinship, culture, and polity, providing concepts and analysis for movement activism. ebook for kindle

fanfarefutureVolume 2: Occupy Vision

by Michael Albert & Mark Evans

Occupy Vision addresses economics, politics, kinship, culture, ecology, and international relations. For each, it offers an alternative way of conducting life based on new guiding values and  institutional arrangements. The result is not capitalist, not 20th century socialist, not authoritarian, not sexist or heterosexist, not racist or nationalistic, not ecocidal, and not imperialist. It is, instead, participatory economic, self managing, feminist, intercommunalist, and peaceful. It is solidarity, horizontalism, and self management made viable. ebook for kindle

Fanfare-3DVolume 3: Occupy Strategy
by Michael Albert, Jessica Azulay,
& David Marty

Occupy Strategy addresses tactics, program, and overarching strategy relevant to attaining a participatory society. It starts from what participatory theory helps us understand about society and history and what participatory vision establishes as goals and it then discussses organizing methods, issues of power and program, problems of reform and revolution, options for organization, and most especially ways to win gains leading to more gains. ebook for kindle


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