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Occupy Theory offers concepts for understanding society and history as well as applications. Accessible and succinct, it facilitates undertaking visionary and strategic work with a participatory theory.

Occupy Theory, by Michael Albert and Mandisi Majavu:

Crazy Patterns
Refining Four Views
Society and History
Modes of Analysis
Participatory Theory

Occupy Vision


Occupy Vision develops vision for a participatory society. It addresses values and institutions for economy, polity, kinship, culture, ecology, and international relations proposing what is needed for a truly desirable new world.

Occupy Vision, by Michael Albert and Mark Evans:

Visionary Values
Beyond Class Rule is Parecon
Self Management Implies Parpolity
Feminism to Parkinship
Nationalism to Intercommunalism
Participatory Ecology
Participatory World

 Occupy Strategy

occupystrategyOccupy Strategy develops ideas and methods for conceiving and evaluating strategy and assessing and employing tactics to attain a participatory society.

Occupy Strategy, by Michael Albert, Jessica Azulay, and David Marty:

Strategy Is Central
Strategy Is Complex
Tactics Are Transient
Still More Strategic Issues
What Else Can You Show Me
Paths Forward
The Logic of Revolution

Text and Video Extras

Sargent: Post Sexist Society
Peters: Kinship Vision
Podur: Life After Racism
Marom: Intercommunalism
Shalom: Visionary Pol / Future Pol
Albert: 7 Reasons for Parecon
Hahnel: In Defense of Parecon
Albert: Parecon & Parsoc
More Parecon


Social Ecology
Peer to Peer
Two Socialists
Market Socialism
Post Modernism 


Shalom Interviews Albert
Scathing Blog Review
A Reply by Albert


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