Debates: ParEcon & Social Ecology

Michael Albert (Parecon) and Peter Staudenmaier(Social Ecology/Libertarian Municipalism)

Some time back, in 1999, Michael Albert wrote an essay discussing Libertarian Municipalism. There followed diverse exchanges available on ZNet here. Later some members of the Social Ecology community and Institute for Social Ecology suggested an organized debate to appear in their journal, Harbinger, A Journal of Social Ecology and its forum system. It was agreed for that venue and for ZNet as well. The format would be opening statements by Staudenmaier and Albert, each replying, rejoinders, and so on.

Debating ParEcon

The initial essay by Albert…

Albert: Summarizing Participatory EconomicsFor purposes of exploration and debate with Libertarian Municipalism’s Peter Staudenmaier

Debating Social Ecology

The initial essay by Staudenmaier…

Staudenmaier: The World We Envision 
For purposes of exploration and debate with Parecon’s Michael Albert

Debating ParEcon

Staudenmaier Replies 1: “I’m pleased to see the degree of compatibility”

Albert Rejoins 1: “I too hope our agreements will grow… ”

Staudenmaier Replies 2: “I think we’re getting into more detail in this thread”

Albert Rejoins 2: “What have we embarked on–keeping up is hard to do.”


Albert responds to Social Ecology Forum Post…

Debating Social Ecology

Albert Replies 1: “I am having trouble seeing the world you envision ”

Staudenmaier Rejoins 1: “Thanks for your thorough response…”

Albert Replies 2: “…beyond that key point, the social ecology political vision gets vague for me”

Staudenmaier Rejoins 2: “Not sure what to make of…”

Albert Replies 3: Another round…


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