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Molly Secours

As a writer, speaker, filmmaker and activist, Molly Secours has been called an “uncompromising fighter for racial equity and social justice.”

For over 10 years, Secours’ writings have appeared in over 50 mainstream and internet magazines and newspapers. In addition to numerous radio and television appearances, she is a host on “Beneath The Spin” a weekly radio show on WFSK at the historic Fisk University campus in Nashville TN. She also pens a weekly column of the same name (“Beneath The Spin”) on, where Secours tackles issues such as racism, white privilege, juvenile justice, health care disparities, and reparations for slavery. On the ABC television Nashville affiliate WKRN, Secours also serves as a regular weekly commentator on a political news program called “This Week with Bob Mueller.”

In 1998, Secours was invited to serve as an Advisory Board Member at Fisk University\'s Race Relations Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2000, she presented an intervention to the United Nations in Santiago, Chile, proposing that the U.S. “repudiate the official histories and language(s) that maintain the hegemonic and unearned privileges accorded to those who are identified as ‘white’.” During the Summer of 2001, Secours attended the United Nations Prep-com in Geneva, Switzerland, and, as a journalist, covered the 2001 World Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa.

Secours is a contributing writer in Dr. Raymond Winbush’s book Should America Pay? (Harper Collins 2003). Her chapter, entitled “Riding the Reparations Bandwagon,” addresses issues of white privilege and reparations for the African Slave Trade. She has also co-created a workshop entitled “Straight Talk About Race - a Dialog in Black and White” which she co-facilitates with Dr. Winbush, the Director of Urban Research at Morgan State University in Baltimore MD.

Voted one of “Nashville\'s most influential public intellectuals” in 2001, Secours is a strong presence in the community. She uses her skills as a writer and orator to challenge state and local officials to carefully consider the state\'s position on the death penalty and racial disparities in criminal justice and health care.

Through her film company “One Woman Show Productions” and her documentary films, Secours has earned national recognition in the world of social justice. She has produced videos for the Death Penalty Institute and Free Speech TV and her most recent documentary “Faces Of TennCare: Putting A Human Face On Tennessee’s Health Care Failure” is currently being aired on The Documentary Channel. Casting a national spotlight on Tennessee’s health care crisis, the film has been praised by members of the United States Congress including representatives John Conyers, Jesse Jackson Jr. and from Senator Edward Kennedy.

As the creator and co-founder of Youth Voice Through Video (YVTV) Secours teaches video-making to juvenile offenders and incarcerated youth. Her passion for issues relevant to young people in the juvenile justice system makes her a sought-after motivational speaker for at-risk youth.



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