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Freedom Fight (ff)

Freedom Fight (SerboCroatian: Pokret za slobodu) is a collective of activists devoted to the work on issues of Workers`, Reffugees`, and Students` rights. Freedom Fight activists produce Z magazine for Balkans, printed version of Z magazine on SerboCroatian Language, and monthly bulletins such as Voice of Workers, Voice of Refugees, Voice of Students.

Official web page of Freedom Fight:

Email: [email protected]

Voice of Workers (Glas Radnika) is monthly bulletin made by and for workers engaged in Freedom Fight activities. Freedom Fight use it as a mean of informing people about particular workers` struggle.

You can download Voice of Workers in SerboCroatian language here:

Voice of Workers #1

Voice of Workers #2

Voice of Workers #3

Voice of Workers #4


Voice of Refugge (Glas izbeglica) informs about living conditions of Refugees settled in Serbia, about Readmission Agrement made by Serbia and EU, about Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Kosovo, Erased (Izbrisani) from Slovenia, etc.

Voice of Refugee in SerboCroatian language you can download here:

Voice of Refugge



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