ZNet’s Anti-Semitism Debates

Debates and Explorations

Plitnick: Singling Out Israel? January 14, 2004
Mitchell Plitnick of Jewish Voice for Peace discusses the question of whether Israel is being singled out for condemnation for its atrocities.

Asma Agbarieh: Flirting with Anti-Semitism January 11, 2004
Translated from Arabic, a historical analysis that appeared in Israel’s ‘Challenge’ Magazine outlining the historical, moral, and strategic reasons why anti-semitism is the wrong response to Israeli atrocities.

Joel Kovel: Left Anti-Semitism? May 9, 2003
Joel Kovel discusses the idea of left anti-semitism and the prospects a just peace in Israel/Palestine in this careful and thorough article from Tikkun, reprinted here.

Reclaiming Anti-semitism February 13, 2003
Mitchell Plitnick, from Jewish Voice for Peace, argues that proponents of peace and justice in Palestine must take the fight against anti-semitism back from those who manipulate it towards unconditional support for Israel’s policies.

Judy Rebick on Anti-Semitism

Is anti-semitism an issue for the Left?: January 05, 2003
Judy Rebick argues that anti-semitism is still an issue because it is dangerous bigotry– though not because criticism of Israel is antisemitism nor because Jews suffer systematic discrimination.

Justin Podur responds

Anti-Semitism And Anti-Colonialism: January 05, 2003
Justin Podur responds to Judy Rebick’s ZNet Commentary on Anti-Semitism and the Left, discussing the relationship between racism, anti-semitism, and colonialism.

Naomi Klein

Old Hates fueled by Fear April 24, 2002
After the rise of the right in Europe, Naomi Klein argues that the left must come to grips with anti-semitism.

Alex Cockburn responds

Israel and Antisemitism May 18, 2002
Alex Cockburn reacts to Klein’s piece and others.

Michael Albert

Albert: Antisemitism
Michael Albert in a very long debate with someone who accuses Z Magazine of anti-semitism, based on Z’s critique of the state of Israel.

Noam Chomsky

Chomsky replies to Alejandro
In the ZNet Sustainer Forums, Chomsky discusses anti-semitism in the Arab world.

Media Critiques

Spannos: Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Arab Racism March 02, 2006
Chris Spannos explores by example mainstream responses to Anti-Semitism and Anti-Arab Racism.

Herman: Anti-Semitism November 25, 2002
Ed Herman aggressively argues against the smearing of critics of Israeli ethnic cleansing with the ‘anti-semitism’ label.

Milne: Slur of Anti-Semitism May 10, 2002
Seumas Milne argues in the Guardian that the slur of anti-semitism is being used to defend repression in Palestine.

Beaumont: Anti-Semitism? February 17, 2002
Peter Beaumont argues in the UK Observer that journalists must not allow themselves to be censored by smears of ‘anti-semitism’.

Contextual Pieces

Grodzinsky: In the Shadow of the Holocaust June, 2005
Yosef Grodzinsky interviewed by Chris Spannos for ZNet about his book exploring the struggle between jews And Zionists in the aftermath of World War II.

Uri Avnery: Antisemitism Q & A January 20, 2004
Israeli peace movement activist answers basic questions about Israel and anti-semitism.

Justin Podur: Letter to a Zionist November 20, 2003
A letter to a Zionist about the long history of struggle against white supremacy, a struggle that Jews played a prominent role in…

Zunes: Antisemitism Z Magazine, March 1995
A very interesting piece– Zunes argues that Jews are being set up to do the dirty work of the United States in the Middle East, and that these US policies are the most anti-semitic of all…

Antisemitism, real and Imagined April 29, 2002
Another strong, historical critique of Zionism from Tim Wise


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