Year 501
The Conquest Continues

Noam Chomsky

Copyright © 1993

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YEAR 501 is another awesome achievement by Noam Chomsky. It is a devastating array of information about the U.S. role in the world, placed in the long historical perspective of the 500 years that followed the voyages of Columbus. The result is a wonderful single-volume education in history and world politics.

-- Howard Zinn

This book portrays the world born five centuries ago: An immense supermarket where value is determined by price tags. What is the price of an intellectual? Chomsky's fierce talent proves once more that human beings are not condemned to become commodities.

-- Eduardo Galeano

"The great work of subjugation and conquest" has changed little over the years. Analyzing Haiti, Latin America, Cuba, Indonesia, and even pockets of the Third World developing in the United States, Noam Chomsky draws parallels between the genocide of colonial times and the murder and exploitation associated with modern-day imperialism.

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