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Need the perfect gift for a special rebel in your life? Something to wear to your next picket line, community garden, or just to start a conversation? Maybe you’d like some stickers to celebrate the spirit of resistance anywhere that could use a little change.

We’ve teamed up with Worx Printing, a non-profit, unionized co-op. Our graphics were hand painted and designed using open-source software by a Z Community member.

When you purchase any item, you are supporting the ideas and people behind these products. By showing off your new gear, you’re spreading the spirit of resistance.

The ZStaff

(Items currently available for shipping within the U.S. – international shipping coming soon.)

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Coming soon... the Free-Store!

We know that our items aren’t the cheapest and not everyone can afford the cost that comes with our values-aligned supply-chain and shop. Rather than compromise for cost, we decided to also make our designs available for free to everyone.

Coming soon: free hi-res downloads for the Z Community. Print them wherever you like, on whatever you like, however it works for you!

Organizing a Z-aligned event? We can send you some posters and zines to print & share.

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