Left Program Reading List


Wilhelm Reich, edited by Lee Baxandall, Vintage Books
Very good, especially the essay “What is Class Consciousness” which should be must reading for the left.  

Workers’ Councils

Anton Pannekoek, Root and Branch
An important short exposition of the ideas of Council Communism. Easy to read, clear, and a fine example of Marxist thought that goes beyond Classical weaknesses, especially those of the Leninist ‘Party worshipers.’  


of the Oppressed

Paulo Freire, Herder and Herder
Enlightening on consciousness and methods of education but very difficult to read — a peculiar combination of insight about communication, and poor style for communicating.  

False Promises

Stanley Aronowitz, McGraw-Hill Book Company
A modern Council Communist perspective with improvements due to better cultural and psychological insights.  

Strategy for Labor

Andre Gorz, Beacon Press
A modern discussion of revolutionary possibilities and of the role of reform struggles within a revolutionary process.  

Socialism and Revolution

Andre Gorz, Anchor Books
Wide ranging essays on the problems of revolutionary strategy and socialist practice. Excellent throughout.

Stop The Killing Train

Michael Albert, South End Press
This book does not simply say no to the killing train. It says yes to justice and liberation, offering detailed glimpses of what society could be like and strategic advice for how to get there.  “Michael Albert elevates common sense to an art form, he’s funny, crotchety, irreverent, and—at all times—absolutely on your side!”  —Barbara Ehrenreich

The Trajectory of Change

Michael Albert, South End Press
“The Trajectory of Change could just as easily been entitled ‘passing the  word’ because it summarizes some of the key lessons—pluses and minuses—of the work of the US Left over the last 30+ years. These are lessons and  observations of great value to all activists, but especially those new to  progressive and Left politics. Written in an accessible manner and profoundly thought-provoking, this book helps us to remember that a movement of resistance to oppression is  essential; a movement with vision and strategy is compelling.”   —Bill Fletcher, Jr., National organizer for the Black Radical Congress


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