Ecology Reading List


Vandana Shiva, South End
While draught and desertification are intensifying around the world, corporations are aggressively converting free-flowing water into bottled profits. The water wars of the twenty-first century may match—or even surpass—the oil wars of the twentieth. In Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit, Vandana Shiva, “the world’s most prominent radical scientist” (the Guardian), shines a light on activists who are fighting corporate maneuvers to convert this life-sustaining resource into more gold for the elites. 

Genetic Engineering, Food, and Environment

Luke Anderson, Scribe
“A terrific resource. The very essence of the case against genetic engineering–clearly, simply, and authoritatively explained. — Bob Phelps



Remaking Society

Murray Bookchin, South End
An excellent intro to Bookchin’s ideas on nature and society…

The Green Alternative

Brian Tokar, New Society
The headlines traveled world-wide in march of 1983 when members of anew political party, known as the Greens, were elected to twenty seven seats in the West German national parliament. A few weeks later, newspapers featured photos of the new Green legislators in a colorful procession, carrying flowers, tree branches and brightly decorated banners, accompanied by representatives from peace and ecological movements from all across Western Europe. Note: This synopsis refers to a specific edition of this book and may not be an exact description of the copies listed below.

The Closing Circle

Barry Commoner

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